Ashella Font

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Ashella Script, a new modern script with a handmade calligraphy style. Great for branding materials, greeting cards, business cards, posters, quotes, etc. Open Type features can be accessed by using Open Type savvy programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop Corel Draw X version, And Microsoft Word.

Colby Font Family

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Colby is a hand-drawn workhorse sans serif family. It consists of a wide range of weights and widths for a variety of applications. Colby balances the quirkiness of hand-drawn letters with the legibility of a clean sans serif. This combination provides authentic warmth with functional benefits. The fonts feature plenty of alternates, icons and arrows to add character and customization. Colby is perfect for packaging, restaurant menus, children’s books, digital applications, but will be comfortable in any situation.

Southern Moonlight Font

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"Southern Moonlight" was completely hand written with gorgeous serifs, giving your artwork a refined but hand crafted look. (the word "southern" in the image above was hand lettered and is not a font). All punctuation and numbers included (along with a gorgeous ampersand!). A .TTF font by Printable Wisdom. No alternates or foreign alphabets supported at this time. See glyph map for complete list of available glyphs.

Bega Font Family

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Bega is a simplified sans serif typeface. Formal reduction plays a strong role in its design. This is most visible in its ‘spurlessness.’ The visible strokes (or spurs) have been eliminated from the letterforms that would typically feature them. The lack of spurs in Bega is most-clearly visible when you look at the top-left corners of letters like ‘m’, ‘n’, and ‘r’. The Bega family includes eight weights, which range from Thin through Black. Each weight has two fonts on offer: An upright font, and an italic. Bega’s italics are obliques; their letterforms are slanted. The strokes of Bega’s letterforms all appear to be monolinear; that doesn’t mean that Bega is without contrast, however. Thanks to the family’s large number of weights – eight really is a lot – you can combine two or more of them with each other to create headlines that exhibit quite a bit of contrast! Each of Bega’s fonts includes a full range of numerators and denominators, to use when typesetting fractions, etc. The font’s numerals are proportional lining figures; these have the same height as Bega’s uppercase letters. The lowercase letters’ ascenders are tall, and they rise up above the tops of the capital letters and numerals. Bega’s friendly look makes it an ideal choice for use in corporate communication design. The typeface was designed by Sabina Chipară and Diana Ovezea.

Lovadelic + Extras

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Introducing a new retro script called Lovadelic Inspired from 70's script lettering combine with psychedelic balloon typography. Lovadelic came with open type features such stylistic alternates, stylistic sets, contextual alternates & ligatures. The package also came with extras graphic to help you make stunning design.

Noatun Typeface

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Noatun is a strange typeface based on one of my other font families. It comes in two different versions and features a unique geometric style. It works great in titles, logos and short quotes. It includes some multilingual support, uppercase letters, numbers and punctuation.

Adventure Script Typeface

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Introducing Adventure Script - a new fresh & modern script with a sweet calligraphy-style, decorative characters! So beautiful for logos, invitation like greeting cards, branding materials, business cards, quotes, posters, and more!

Cetta Sans Typefamily

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Cetta Sans serif type family is a rounded sans serif letter that looks very clean, simple but very modern. Cetta Sans serif type family consists of a typeface; Light, regular, bold and x-bold. This letter can be used for various needs such as headline, mashead, logotype etc.

Black Fox - Modern Gothic Font

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Modern Gothic Font

Aviano Sans Layers Font Family

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With this charismatic new type system, the possibilities are as large as your vision behind them. Achieve the impact you're looking for by layering the different fonts and colorations for a custom, hand-drawn look that likes to be noticed. Play around with the potential. Create effects such as realistic 3D looks by adding centerlines, dotted centerlines, and shadow variations. Inspired by the affable look of vintage handmade signage, the Aviano Sans Layers spacing accommodates these shadows and other features well with its generous width and helps you hit your message home. Try mixing it with the other members of the Aviano Hyperfamily, too. There are lots of funky options for you to explore. See what you can create with Aviano Sans Layers!