Wiesbaden Swing is an unpretentious, yet vibrant script design that was designed in 1992 by Rosemarie Kloos-Rau. Wiesbaden Swings considerable vitality and motion is due to the left leaning of the letters, even though the shapes are little more than basic pen strokes.
Wiesbaden Swing can be used anywhere that informal handwriting is appropriate, such as cafe menus, or to set short advertising copy.
Kloos-Rau also designed a set of charming pictures to complement her playful script. They were first released by Linotype-Hell AG in 1996 as Weisbaden Swing Dingbats. While they work naturally with their companion face, Weisbaden Swing Dingbats have a childlike freshness that can illustrate and personalize messages set in many other typefaces as well.
Memos, letters, games, and packaging can all communicate more clearly with just the right Kloos-Rau dingbat.
20 December
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