Ziggurat is the cornerstone of The Proteus Project, a collection of four interchangeable type families designed in different nineteenth century styles.
Not explicitly a revival of any one typeface, Ziggurat takes its cues from the entire aesthetic of early slab serif (or "Egyptian”) metal types, primarily those produced in Great Britain between 1815 and 1840.
These fonts were designed in response to an age-old question: how can a fixed format be changed without resorting to a full redesign? The fonts in The Proteus Project were designed around a common set of proportions, allowing them to be substituted for one another almost invisibly. This offers editorial designers the ability to periodically refresh their formats, without having to anticipate any changes in copyfitting. For packaging designers, these related fonts offer a natural way for line extensions to refer back to the original product, without directly imitating its design.
11 March
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