Font Family: Ramsey, Number of fonts: 12*OTF + 12*WOFF, Type Foundry: Associated Typographics, Designer: Michael Cina, Design date: 2012

Ramseyís tasty little details are what make it the perfect display font for both print and web. With strong structure and a warm personality, this typeface is a stout but refined workhorse. Ramseyís strength really shines when it comes to identity work, headlines, and anything that requires a bold statement. This typefaceís 12 styles provide expansive versatility on and off screen, while itís robust spacing and kerning creates a cool and even grey tone.
I spent a couple of years drawing and redrawing what would eventually become Ramsey. What started off as a sketch based on a record cover design became increasingly complex as I continued to revise and retweak. Soon I found myself working on it every night. The largest challenge of any typeface is to give it a unique personality that stands on itís own. Ramsey has this in spades. What you see in this typeface is the result of 3+ years of meticulous reworking and refinement. Itís my most solid typeface to date.
18 March
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