Font Family: Ramsey Condensed, Number of fonts: 12*OTF + 12*WOFF, Type Foundry: Associated Typographics, Designer: Michael Cina, Design date: 2015

After releasing the first width of Ramsey, I got a lot of requests for a condensed version. After seeing it squished manually for a major motion picture, I figured I should do something about it .
What you see is the result of a couple of years of tweaking and rethinking what I could do with the proportions. I feel like the balance between the Light and the Black are consistent, yet different. Like most type projects, I started obsessing on the little things. I finally finished it with a little additional help from Karl Engebretson.
When I make typefaces, I like to design them so they are fun and easy to use. Ramsey Condensed is all that and it takes up less space!
18 March
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