Font Family: Prelo Condensed, Number of fonts: 18*OTF, Type Foundry: DSType, Designer: Dino dos Santos, Design date: 2007

Prelo was designed to be a neutral, highly readable typeface, for identity, editorial and information design.
With nine weights and nine true italics, from Hairline to Black, Prelo is a workhorse typeface, full of OpenType features such as Small Caps, Tabular Figures, Central Europe characters and Historical Figures, among others. Like other DSType fonts, most of the diacritics were designed to fit the gap between the x-height and the caps height, avoiding some common problems with the accented characters. The curves are soft and smooth, providing legibility, even in very poor conditions and the neutrality allows this typeface to be used with any serif companion.
24 March

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zeeshan / 3 September 2015 12:33 Quote
this is very good font