Font Family: Studio Neon, Number of fonts: 1*OTF + 1*WOFF, Type Foundry: LLW Studio, Designer: Lori LeBeau-Walsh, Design date: 2010

Studio Neon is an all-caps display font constructed with three rounded-end strokes; the lowercase set is included as a repeat of the uppercase to make setting type just that little bit easier. Itís a modern rendition of neon sign lettering, with a decidedly art deco pedigree, and is intended for use in larger sizes of type, upwards of 36 pt. Itís perfect for a design that wants to imitate neon ó use Photoshop layer effects to light it up!
I originally started this font with only a few letters, since I could not find a neon-style font made with 3 strokes that looked modern. (Once I started, I found out why. Itís a LOT of work!)
Most traditional neon fonts include a "bent tubeĒ element in the design; however, not all modern neon signage is constructed with the tubes bent. I also wanted to design a fun font that would have more life than just as an imitation of signage ó something to inspire designers who love the geometry of art-deco type. So I made all the corners consistent, with no references to bent tubes. Use this font for any application that needs a bold and decorative look. Studio Neon should work well for sign production and even vinyl cut applications at larger sizes.
29 March

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Enrico Testa / 27 August 2016 12:33 Quote
nice neon font