Font Family: Telemaque FY, Number of fonts: 8*OTF + 8*WOFF, Type Foundry: Fontyou, Designer: Jean-Baptiste Morizot, Design date: 2015

Télémaque FY is a contemporary didone style typeface with a lot of personality. 
Both rigid and elegant with its modern sharped terminals and its generous curves, this 4 weights font family will be for sure your new typographic companion for all kind of applications, from magazine covers to luxury logotypes. Its extended glyphset offers beautiful small caps and charming oldstyle and proportional figures which make this typeface perfect for your editorial designs. Nice details like sharped shapes, square dots, special semi serif "E, flared terminals, vertical "y tail, and beautiful italic "v and "w give a lot of singularity to this 21st century neoclassical font family.
Télémaque FY comes out in 4 weight from regular to black with lovely matching italics.
29 March
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