Font Family: Hypsletters, Number of fonts: 1*OTF + 1*TTF + 1*WOFF + 1*EPS, Type Foundry: Spasibenko Art, Designer: Nadi Spasibenko, Design date: 2015
This font was created with lots of love! It is a modern cursive. All letters are rough, ragged texture. Font mimics the inscription bristle brush on textured watercolor paper. He looks great in large lettering. This font smells like a man. Font bold and confident. This font is ideal for many of your works.
As an added bonus, the package includes 5 watercolor brush EPS format, a file EPS with additional elements graphical now 11 ink splashes of different shapes, abstract element 21 ink, symbols of chess and some other handwritten symbols.
09 April
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