Font Family: JackSway, Number of fonts: 1*OTF + 4*TTF + 4*WOFF, Type Foundry: JROH Creative, Design date: 2015
JackSway font was created by accident while listening to smooth jazz music while scribble with a brush. My hand movements unconsciously swaying gently while listening to Kool & Klean saxophone. JackSway font character creates soft and irregular flow thick and thin influenced thats.
Unlike when listening to Vincent Ingala, can 't stop now, pounding drums and saxophone blowing faster and flowing, direct me to change the rough brush. Keep nodding my head and continue writing creates JackSway dingbats and Jack Script .
The combination of this font is suitable for naming catalogs, badges, logos, quotes, or to cover books, album covers, posters, magazine Headlines, signature, apparel, letterhead etc.
19 April
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