Font Family: LiebeDoni, Number of fonts: 2*OTF + 2*WOFF, Type Foundry: LiebeFonts, Designer: Ulrike Rausch, Design date: 2011
LiebeDoni is pure Italian art. A contemporary nod to Italian typographic heritage, LiebeDoniís warm and friendly style is perfect foróliterallyóbold headlines and impressive invitations.
Take a seat on LiebeDoniís Vespa and enjoy the sweet curves of dolce far niente. But donít let the relaxed hand-crafted appearance fool you: Youíre dealing with a solid quality typeface that has received painstaking attention to detail.
Round like the Colosseum, some lines are as colloquial as the Tower of Pisaóbut all this with almost Teutonic obsession for technical perfection.
Get both the outline and the filled version and go crazy on creative layering and endless possibilities. Each font contains over 600 glyphs and both contain the full character set.
24 April
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