Font Family: Bill Display, Number of fonts: 16*OTF + 16*WOFF, Type Foundry: OGJ Type Design, Designer: Max Bill, Oliver Jeschke, Design date: 2015
Last universal scholar, most important design teacher of the 20th century: there are superlatives, who were always very enthusiastic, when the importances of max bill was discussed. the trained silversmith studied at the bauhaus, with personalities such as josef albers, paul klee and oskar schlemmer. he worked as an architect, later as sculptor and designer.
While the font library never had been officially digitized, oliver Jeschke and hans rudolf bosshard invested in this ambitious project, underlining the lifetime achievements of max bill with a new approach.
Bill display is a personal but respectful max bill-style revival by the label ogj type design with permission of the max bill georges vantongerloo foundation in switzerland.
Supports central, eastern european and western european languages.
11 May
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