I am a child of the Seventies. I grew up rocking the rainbow striped bellbottoms, decorating my room with posters of Unicorns and watching ‘The Electric Company’. Funkydori is my nod to the groovy and far out days of this decade. 
Funkydori comes equipped with 213 alternates, 13 discretionary ligatures and 38 ornaments allowing for a wide variety of looks. The use of contextual alternates keeps it looking ideal and enabling Titling Alternates switches the design to an unconnected script.
24 December

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Jane Olson / 17 November 2016 07:33 Quote
Does the Funkydori font only come in OTF Format? I wanted to use this for embroidery, but my embroidery program only accepts TTF format. If I could get this in TTF, that would be awesome!!