Font Family: Black-Out, Number of fonts: 1*OTF + 1*WOFF, Type Foundry: Wordshape, Designer: Eli Carrico, Ian Lynam, Design date: 2004
Bohemian Modern slab stencil display font. Black–Out is a result of three things: the need for a distinctive ultra-black display typeface, an admiration for slab-serifs and Clarendons, and the love of systematic stencil type. Fusing all the desires together resulted in Black–Out.
What was the inspiration for designing the font? Slab serifs + Clarendons + systematic stencil type = Black-Out!
What are its main characteristics and features? It is a massive chunk of type, contemporary in nature while also harking back to the sun-drenched Modernism of California of the 1970s.
Usage recommendations: Display type for use in materials that are meant to evoke a range of emotions.
22 May
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