Font Family: Churchward 69, Number of fonts: 10*OTF + 10*WOFF, Type Foundry: BluHead Studio, Designer: Joseph Churchward, Design date: 2015
Churchward 69 is a ten weight typeface family originally designed during the late 1960s by the late type designer Joseph Churchward. From the extremely condensed Regular weight to the outlandishly heavy Ultra Black, this square sans serif makes an audacious statement. Even the Italics are extreme at their 17 degree angle! Churchward 69 includes 5 weights, Regular, Bold, Extra Bold, Black, and the gorgeous Ultra Black, and their italics. Joseph sure knew how to draw heavy weights!
All members of the Churchward 69 family have OpenType features, including proportional and tabular figures, unlimited fractions, superior and inferior figures, and ordinals. Each font also has an extensive character set to support many western European languages.
22 May
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