Font Family: Radspieler, Number of fonts: 2*OTF + 2*WOFF, Type Foundry: preussTYPE, Designer: Ingo Preuss, Design date: 2015
Whenever I've stayed in Munich my friend MICHi Bundscherer and I go on a typographical expedition. When we talk about that, we let rise again the bygone world of sign painter. Not far away from the oldest restaurant in Munich, called "Hundskugel” and built in the year 1440, there is a furniture shop in the Palais Rechenberg named RADSPIELER. On the facade you can see a logo in gold letters. This one convinced us because of the simple elegance Art Deco. These letters on the facade are in any case the character set, which forms the basis of this document. The missing (especially the lowercase letters and the numbers) were modeled. The "OPEN” called version tries to replicate the 3-D effect. The font RADSPIELER is particularly suitable for shorter texts and headlines.
01 June
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