Font Family: Skolar Sans, Number of fonts: 72*OTF + 72*WOFF, Type Foundry: Rosetta, Designer: David Březina, Sláva Jevčinová, Design date: 2015
Every Sherlock needs his Watson. A versatile partner who can accommodate for an opinionated compadre, but does more than just follow his footsteps. Equally peculiar but nonetheless a gentleman. A real friend for true companionship, a problem-solving duo thatís at your service.
Skolar Sans is an extensive typeface family for the age of responsive design. From gently thin to extra bold, the four subtly graded width variants will fit all your content needs. The 72 fonts come in uprights and true italics with ligatures, arrows, and fleurons. Magnifying glass sold separately.
10 June
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