Font Family: YWFT Ultramagnetic, Number of fonts: 10*OTF + 10*WOFF, Type Foundry: YouWorkForThem, Design date: 1996
How to make soft-yet-gothic? Countless hours spent researching, and years of refinement, thatís how. YWFT Ultramagnetic was finally mastered to postscript/truetype format in 1999 and has gone on to be one of the most widely-used YWFT exclusives of all time. In fact, from 2002-2006, YWFT Ultramagnetic ranked in our Top Ten, spending a majority of that time at Number One. YWFT Ultramagnetic has been used by Harley Davidson, Starbucks, Disney Channel, Best Buy, Nike, Wired Magazine and Architecture Magazine, to name a few. YWFT Ultramagnetic was converted to opentype in 2010.
17 June
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