Font Family: YWFT OverCross, Number of fonts: 12*OTF + 12*WOFF, Type Foundry: YouWorkForThem, Designer: Michael Cina, Design date: 2002
YWFT OverCross is one of the most unique type designs to come out of the late 90s and early 2000s. It originally started as a typeface design setting out to explore visual form but at the same time keep its legibility. At close range, YWFT OverCross is visually beautiful but rather unreadable. But take a step back, and from a distance it is completely legible. Still to this day we still don't understand how a mesh of lines can make these letterforms, but they do. YWFT OverCross was completed in 2002, and converted to opentype in 2010. It has been used by numerous magazines and seen multiple times on independent t-shirt and postcard designs.
22 June
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