Font Family: Kono, Number of fonts: 1*OTF + 1*WOFF, Type Foundry: Thinkdust, Designer: Alex Haigh, Design date: 2011
Kono is a font straight from the modern, gritty, warfare computer game genre. Rough and ready, with letters that double as numbers and look fit to be sprayed on a bunker wall, Kono brings you a bleak example of the near-future, where pragmatism rules out over artistry. Kono itself, ironically, is stylistically crafted to capture this feeling, carefully selecting the perfect mix between flat, straight lines and rounded corners, using wide, squat characters to mimic practical architectural styles. Kono is great for capturing a bleak but somewhat heroic attitude, whether you want to use that to encourage optimism or advertise pessimism.
11 August
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