Font Family: Nordic Narrow Pro, Number of fonts: 14*OTF + 14*WOFF, Type Foundry: Characters Font Foundry, Designer: René Verkaart, Design date: 2009
The original spark for Nordic Narrow came to designer René Verkaart one day while drinking a glass of "Apfelschlore” (a carbonated water and apple juice mix). On the bottle logo he saw an intriguing "a”, and he started to sketch on a new typeface. Though this single glyph served as an inspiration, the end result was something quite different.
One of the trademarks of the typeface is the diagonal mid strokes. A reference to the Nordic runes, which he studied during the design process.
Even though Nordic Narrow has its base in a geometric grid, it still manages to keep an warm analogue touch.
20 August
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