Font Family: Wonderlove Doodle, Number of fonts: 4*OTF + 4*TTF, Type Foundry: Celcius Design, Designer: Ramandhani Nugraha, Design date: 2016
Hello thanks for checking out, introduce with Wonderlover Doodle typeface. Instant doodle typography.
I tried with handmade doodle concept come with script or marker, and this is can be a perfect combine with each other. Create something different with some dancing ligatures and unformal alternates,(please see the feature open type in preview pages) with total more less 600 glyphs can make the unique art, just combine with the 86 bonus pack
With the caps style and lowercase, quickly get alternative versions of each letter just by using upper and lowercase letters.
Suitable for making crafts manual arts. greeting in love with the natural impression, wedding card, coocking receipt, brithday party for kids, header, quotes printed, logo, fashion blogger, and whatever your imagination come out.
11 January
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