Font Family: Austin Cyrillic, Number of fonts: 12*OTF, Type Foundry: Commercial Type, Designer: Paul Barnes, Ilya Ruderman, Design date: 2009
Сильная шрифтовая традиция отличает шрифт Остин, делая его кириллическую адаптацию востребованный и уместной.
Originally designed for British style magazine Harper’s & Queen, Austin is a loose revival of the early Modern typefaces cut by Richard Austin in the late 18th century. Referencing Austin’s fi rst creation, Paul Barnes turned up the contrast,
tightened the spacing and brought some of the fl avor of late 1970s New York typography into the mix: Richard Austin meets Tony Stan. Moscow-based designer Ilya Ruderman added Cyrillic support in 2009 for a Russian style magazine.
27 January
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