Font Family: Opal, Number of fonts: 4*OTF, Type Foundry: Linotype, Designer: Hannes von Döhren, Design date: 2008
Opal Pro is a text family designed by Hannes von Döhren in 2008. It gives every text a noble character. The typeface has long ascenders that clearly rise above the capital letters and a low x-height. Opalís letters sport inktraps at stroke junctions, which on one hand create a cutout feeling and on the other hand strengthens the image in larger point sizes. In total, the letterforms have clear emphasis on their verticals and horizontals; they do not fear the weight on their curves. In addition to the Italic and Bold, the Opal type family includes a Script face, whose letterforms include connections, similar to handwriting. On top of that, the typeface possesses swash letters for italic and script, small caps, many ligatures and borders & ornaments.
With a little bit of care, designers will be able to create the finest of traditional, elegant work with this family.
24 February
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