Font Family: Sauna Pro, Number of fonts: 10*OTF, Type Foundry: Underware, Designer: Bas Jacobs, Akiem Helmling, Sami Kortemäki, Design date: 2002
Sauna Pro family comes for all sizes and ages, containing Regular, Bold and Black weights. Regular and Bold can be used together in various sizes in texts and headlines. Regular weight is supported with Small caps. Three Black styles are individual and specially made for display use (from magazine headlines to billboards).
For every weight there are two italics. Basic Italic is formal and stable, Italic Swash is happy and fancy.
Dingbats give a little extra next to the typographics. Dingbat fonts include 26 illustrations which can be used as plain black and white illustrations, or as multi-coloured illustrations.
This style palette offers a flexible range for a wide variety of text and display typography. Sauna Pro has Underware’s world-dominating Latin Plus character set, supporting a total of 219 languages.
02 March
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