Font Family: Lavanderia, Number of fonts: 2*OTF, Designer: James T. Edmondson, Design date: 2011
Inspired by some lettering on a laundromat window in San Francisco’s Mission District, I set out to create Lavanderia, a casual script with some formal beauty. To stray away from the traditional "wedding invitation” style of script, I altered three fundamental traits: the slant, the x-height, and the width of the letters. By creating a typeface on only a slight slant, with a high x-height, and slightly condensed, the casual feeling of sign-painter lettering was achieved. Then by complementing the lowercase with a set of lavish caps, more formal elegance was brought to the set. OpenType was utilized to optionally add swashes, alter certain character, and take the capitals down to a more modest size and shape.
10 March
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