Font Family: YWFT Enam, Number of fonts: 5*TTF, Type Foundry: YouWorkForThem, Designer: Michael Cina, Design date: 2002
YWFT Enams letterforms began first as custom lettering during a branding job by the design firm WeWorkForThem, it was later developed into font format in 2002 (opentype format in 2010). After the job, it was later noticed it has some similarity to past work by Wim Crouwel, which is no surprise considering WWFTs admiration for Crouwel.
Each weight in YWFT Enam changes quite dramatically, giving it a different look and feel from weight-to-weight, while still being consistent in thought. YWFT Enam is an interesting typeface design that has no specific relation to any time/design period, its one of a kind and unique execution in typeface design.
17 March
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