Font Family: TT Cottons, Number of fonts: 14*OTF + 14*TTF, Type Foundry: TypeType, Designer: Ivan Gladkikh, Design date: 2016
TT Cottons is your ideal design helper. Cottons is filled with inspiration and coziness that add ease and homey feeling to any surface (any environment). Weve created a font family that directly reminds of the spring air feeling and hand-made style.
Each separate typeface is created with a real instrument. For instance, the black typeface was painted with a real brush, and the thin one was created with a rapidograph. Next weve digitized the fonts.
Thanks to the 7 weights you can easily choose your own Cottons that will perfectly fit into your design layout, and the condensed proportions let you fit a large text array into a small text field.
17 March
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