Font Family: Trench Slab, Number of fonts: 5*OTF, Type Foundry: Indian Type Foundry, Designer: Shiva Nalleperumal, Design date: 2016
Trench Slab is part of the Trench superfamily, which also includes Trench Rounded, and a special series of fonts designed to print text in very small point sizes Trench Sans. All of the Trench fonts include large, prominent ink-traps. Like Trench Round, Trench Slab is intended for use in text that is to be set in any larger-than-normal-reading-size. It may be used for shorter passages of text, or very large display applications. The slab serifs in Trench Slab are just as prominent as the designs ink-traps; in other words, the slabs are very, very large. There are a number of alternates included in each Trench Slab font. The standard form of the capital "I in all fonts has serifs; the "a is two-storied and the "g is single-storied. Over stylistic sets, users can access a capital "I without serifs, a double-storied "g, and alternate forms of "M, "N, "W, and "w.
07 April
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