Font Family: Davison Spencerian, Number of fonts: 2*OTF, Type Foundry: House Industries, Design date: 2012
As one of the most distinguished lettering artists of the 20th century, Meyer "Dave” Davison’s greatest contribution to the American visual landscape is arguably Davison Spencerian. The alphabet made its first appearance in Photo-Lettering’s 1946 catalog and remains a benchmark of the ornamental script genre. Thanks to the skillful hands of Mitja Miklavčič and the tireless eyes of House Industries designers Ben Barber and Ken Kiel, we have preserved the poise and precision of Davison’s masterwork in this faithfully-rendered digital incarnation. From automotive exhaust accessories and pirate-themed wedding invites to New Orleans sissy bounce hip-hop CD covers and upmarket bivalve ambrosia packaging, Davison Spencerian offers sober sophistication and unparalleled flexibility.
11 June

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Congrats! its amazing