Font Family: Preface, Number of fonts: 12*OTF, Type Foundry: ShinnType, Designer: Nick Shinn, Design date: 2003
Preface vs. Helvetica/Futura/Gill: a different strategy of text color.
Whereas the established classes of sans serif typeface achieve a dynamic balance between stroke and space by combining a diversity of letterform with an evenness of fit, Preface switches the emphasis, driving out diagonals to create a dominant harmony of curves and perpendiculars, matched with a greater variety of inter-character space shapesthe result of extra width introduced in the "f and "t, and by the openness that accompanies the wide tails of the " a and "l, the long ear of the "r, and the serif of the "i.
En masse, and in keeping with the present trend in typography, Preface exhibits a coarser texture than the traditional sans serif faces, but one that is nonetheless even and precise.
With tabular, oldstyle figures.
21 June
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