Font Family: Omnes Pro, Number of fonts: 18*OTF, Type Foundry: Darden Studio, Designer: Christian Schwartz, Joshua Darden, Design date: 2009
Conceived with Christian Schwartz for Landor Associates; designed by Joshua Darden, with design and production assistance by Jesse Ragan, Thomas Jockin, Noam Berg, & Scott Kellum.
Omnes™ Pro takes the curvaceous yet crisp original and turns it up to eleven. Many robust features have been added, making it better than ever for no-nonsense editorial work. Included are a wide range of index characters with eight variations; tabular figures and punctuation for chart work and information design; true numerator and denominator figures with OpenType support for auto fractions; an array of eye-catching arrows; extended language support; and stylistic sets.
Originally conceived as the brand typeface for a national retail chain, Omnes™ Pro meets the need for a rounded typeface which is neither overly mannered nor excessively literal in its approach. Selective rounding adds subtle texture & circumvents the ‘sausage-link’ effect, while non-geometric forms pay homage to 19th-century rounded Grotesques which appeared well before the crisp visual style of the Bauhaus.
Omnes™ Pro’s middle range is built for text use, and its weights on either end of the spectrum command a broader range of moods, from its austere, warm Hairlines to its punchy, convivial Blacks.
09 July
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