Font Family: Alcala, Number of fonts: 3*TTF, Type Foundry: 205, Designer: Damien Gautier, Design date: 1995-2010
This font is based on the study of the document titled "Biblia poliglota complutense” aka "Bible polyglotte d'Alcala". It was the first edition of a complete polyglot Bible as well as the first printed version of New Testament in Greek, of the Septante and Targoum Onkelos. Conceived between 1502 and 1517, she was thought, financed and largely supervised by the cardinal Francisco Jiménez de Cisneros. 
The first drawings were carried out in 1995 and begun again in 2011 for the publication by a publishing house of a complete Bible based on the revised translation of J. NR. Darby, in French and Malgache.
02 August
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