Font Family: Bunuelo Clean Pro, Number of fonts: 17*TTF, Type Foundry: Buntype, Designer: Ralf Sander, Petra Niedernolte, Design date: 2016
A contemporary, clear and minimalistic font with a friendly and smooth appearance.
Bunuelo™ Clean is based on a squarish form, all edges are slightly rounded and spurs are completely absent. In addition, the endings of terminals follow the curvature.
This gives the glyphs a very smooth, friendly and a little bit bubbly look - especially in the bolder styles because the smoothing increases with the weight.
Together with the minimalistic and clear letterforms, Bunuelo™ Clean has become a very distinct, strong character.
Bunuelo™ Clean ships with 8 upright and 7 real italic styles from an unusually thin Hair to a pretty fat Heavy weight. It provides a bunch of professional typographic features like stylistic alternates, ligatures, Small Capitals, 9 sets of figures, slashed zeros, support for at least 58 languages and much more.
Each professional style contains up to than 870 Characters.
02 August
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