Font Family: MVB Mascot, Number of fonts: 1*OTF, Type Foundry: MVB Fonts, Designer: Mark van Bronkhorst, Design date: 2012
Even if sports aren’t your thing, you might find script varsity lettering from years past to have a certain appeal, perhaps conjuring simpler times. Naive and uneven yet jaunty and legible, such casual scripts, with their requisite underline swooshes, were standard equipment for baseball teams from one-horse towns to the major leagues. To bring this aesthetic to the digital arena, Mark van Bronkhorst began with a vintage iron-on alphabet, redesigning the flocked, overlapping letters to behave as a script typeface, expanding the character set to support all Latin-based languages. Despite its professional skill set, MVB Mascot® retains the unvarnished spirit of its inspiration.
04 August
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