Manhattan Darling Typeface was created as a dual-purpose font, with gritty, imperfect, hand-painted characters and an irregular baseline. Use the uppercase portion (Manhattan) to create a bold, organic hand-painted typography (see wine bottle preview), or use the lowercase portion (Darling) for beautiful branding, logo designs, invitations, wedding elements, etc. (see business card preview).
Manhattan Darling comes with two OTF files
One for both upper and lowercase characters, numbers and punctuation AND now, end characters.
And another with lowercase characters, end characters & ornaments. (So you can still access the extras without a glyphs panel. This is for you, my fellow Photoshop users).
Honestly, the two files are VERY similar. The only real difference is that the Extras file DOESN'T contain the uppercase characters, and DOES contain the ornaments. That's it. :)
NOTE: The end characters are just that, ENDS. They won't work in the middle of words. Kapish?
To make things easy, I kept the lowercase characters in the same positions as the original OTF, and now the uppercase slots are the end characters. Soooo, you can work with just the 'Extras' without switching back and forth. Yea! :)
MORE NOTES: Currently Manhattan Darling doesn't come with any LatinPro characters. Sorry, friends. I may create a Pro version down the road if I find some extra time. :)
Happy Designing!
14 January

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Katrina Navarro / 7 April 2016 08:44 Quote
It's beautiful
me / 5 August 2016 12:26 Quote
seen cuz i know ho the thing go
julianargcosta / 17 October 2016 20:10 Quote
File only available on Nitro premium