I'm excited to announce the first official RetroSupply Co font! At the end of 2014 I polled over 1000 RetroSupply customers I what kind of RetroSupply products they wanted to see. Fonts was one of the biggies. 
So this year among other things I wanted to start releasing fonts. WildFire is the first RetroSupply font. It's a humble all-caps, display, san-serif fonts. Just alphanumeric characters and limited punctuation. But it looks great, works for all kinds of projects, and has some cool surprise features when you switch to uppercase.

Here's what makes it great:
Rounded corners give it a warm, friendly way about it. Like a good friend home for the holidays.
Works extremely well for typing on curved paths (for badges, logos and type based design).
Uppercase letters contain surprise descending stems and other goodies for a custom flair.
21 January
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