A new and economical Gotham, specifically designed for text.
Typefaces whose letterforms are rooted in the square and circle are known as "geometrics," and they're one of typography's great paradoxes. Their wide proportions and open shapes make them easy to read at text sizes, and a well-designed geometric can reinforce this clarity through careful attention to the design's internal proportions as well. (Gotham's large lowercase has dilated features, succinct ascenders and descenders, and a generous fit, which combine to make Gotham especially clear at text sizes and below.) But because geometrics are wider than average, they can be difficult to use in narrow columns, which is exactly where text most often appears.
With this puzzle in mind, we set about designing a companion for Gotham that would be specifically tuned for text settings. As important as the goal of improved space-efficiency was our desire to preserve Gotham's personality, a special challenge in a compact proportion that doesn't allow the pure geometries of Gotham's circles and squares. The result is Gotham Narrow, a font that's compact without feeling squeezed.
25 January

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alec / 2 August 2015 22:56 Quote
The nitroflare link is useless. Great font, but impossible to download.
anon / 6 June 2016 02:48 Quote
agree with alec. the link is useless unless you have a paid account.