Joyful Script Font

Category: Fonts, Date: 14-07-2017, 16:25, Views: 68


Joyful Script comes with upper and lowercase characters, punctuation glyphs, numerals, web font, and supports international languages. Stylistic sets for several key lower case characters are also available. Perfect for logo marks, typographic quotes over photos, book covers and packaging design.

Aaux Pro Font Family

Category: Fonts, Date: 14-07-2017, 16:23, Views: 73


Positype and Neil Summerour are proud to announce the release of Aaux Pro sold exclusively at T26. Aaux Pro is a functional sans serif designed to work in text and display settings. Each weight/style has been optically adjusted to offer the greatest degree of legibility at small sizes. Available weights are: thin, light, regular, medium, bold, black, ultra and poster. The family also includes Small Caps, OSFs and complimentary italics.

Spoodbrush - Font Duo

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INTRODUCING " Spoodbrush Font Duo ! " A new font brushed textured with perfect are designed to perfectly combine with one another and allow you to create beautiful typography with a personal touch,also provided some ligatures and swashes extra and with additional Spoodbrush Sans.

Cerebri Sans Font Family

Category: Fonts, Date: 14-07-2017, 16:16, Views: 66


Cerebri Sans is a design inspired by early geometric and grotesque typefaces. Subtle humanist details provide an undercurrent of warmth that simmers just beneath the bones of its contemporary simplicity.

Miss Beautiful Font

Category: Fonts, Date: 14-07-2017, 16:14, Views: 53


Freshen up your design using this new handwritten font! The Miss Beautiful font is perfect for wedding invitations, banners, blogs, photos, handwritten-styled designs, branding and identity, product packaging and many more!

Typold Font Family

Category: Fonts, Date: 14-07-2017, 16:13, Views: 65


Typold originated out of the desire to improve geometric forms and push beyond previous achievements through collaborative working methods and knowledge sharing. The result is a finely balanced modern sans serif constructed from mathematical inputs, typographers needs, and the natural hand and eye of an artisan.

Styled Up Font Family

Category: Fonts, Date: 14-07-2017, 16:12, Views: 52


Are you looking for a font that says "I'm unique"? Say hello to Styled up! A new authentic hand-brushed, modern calligraphy font with a stylish flair and a quirky personality. "Styled up! comes with a complimentary caps font, perfect for when you need to add extra text in those stubborn empty spaces in your type designs.

Cacko Font Family

Category: Fonts, Date: 14-07-2017, 16:11, Views: 59


Cacko has a functional look with an elegant touch. The family is available in 18 weights with complementary italics.

SST Thai Font Family

Category: Fonts, Date: 14-07-2017, 16:10, Views: 57


Designed for global branding and supporting 93 languages, the SST® typefaces blend the organic readability and controlled structure of modern sans serif designs. In combining these attributes, the SST family is understated, versatile and sure to be a timeless design.

Skyward Font Family

Category: Fonts, Date: 14-07-2017, 16:09, Views: 51


Robust, towering, and geometrically refined, Skyward is a surefire classic cocktail of equal parts utility and elegance. This typeface carries a set of over 300 glyphs across 8 distinct faces. With Deco-era sensibilities and a touch of modern refinement + an all new alternative set of characters, Skyward is exceedingly effective in a diverse spectrum of situations.