Speakeasy Font Family

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Speakeasy is a 5-font combo thematically built as a toolset for designing menus and liquor labels as well as coffees, restaurants and signs when the desire is to communicate with style. Originally put together to be used by the most famous speakeasy in Buenos Aires, this set contains a script, a minor (almost flat) wedge serif, a flare serif, a sans serif, and a bold Didone. The seed for the script was found in a German lettering book, and the other fonts reflect the familiar advertising and announcement styles of the early 20th century.

April Display Font

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Introducing 3rd product from Spring Vibes collection called April Display font. April is stretched display font with 66 alternatives, multilingual support and photoshop styles. It's a very versatile font that works great in large and small sizes.

Unitext Font Family

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Created with the needs of branding design in mind, Jan Hendrik Weber’s Unitext is a crisp, clean typeface that functions well across print and online use. It blends humanist and grotesque qualities, adopting a style that the designer describes as "neo grotesque”. Narrow spacing is what sets this typeface apart, however it also uses open counters and angled details to boost readability. "The ideal font should work at every touchpoint,” says Weber. "And designers shouldn’t need an introduction or a set of rules on how to handle this typeface. Unitext allows designers to work without explanation.”

Morriles - SVG Font

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Morriles is handmade font that contains the newest font format, SVG and two another format. You can use these fonts for various purposes such as making realistic handwriting, for promotions, or other purposes that will make your design more real as handmade.

Thirthy Typeface

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Introducing our font debut, Thirthy. A bold handwritten typeface that will very suitable for any projects of yours. Perfect for display purposes like flyer, logotype, header, signage, etc. Works well on both modern and vintage style. You can check our preview samples for trigger some ideas.

Goodwater Font Family

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Goodwater is an original collection of a Brush, three weights of a monoline Script and four weights of condensed Sans typeface. Goodwater also has a "Print” version with rugged outline and worn-out texture of each font.

Rodanthe Font Duo

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Rodanthe and Kristopher are Calligraphy Font Scripts, designed in a modern style so that the font is beautiful and pleasing to the eye. very well used for brands, t-shirts, packaging brands, greeting cards, invitation cards, etc.

Gatsuunk Brush Font

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Gatsuunk Brush Font has almost an unique design that posseses elegancy and charm. Fluidity of ink and hardness of brush created the unique characteristics of the font. You can see the harmony of the curls among the letters. With Gatsuunk , you can make your projects, brands, presentation of your collections, magazines, logos, packagings and websites be eye-catching with pleasure.

Arlon Font Family

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Arlon makes it easy to give any brand or advertising a cool & futuristic look. Thanks to its spurless letterforms and some uncommonly shaped letters, this typeface creates a strong visual impact even in small sizes. Having generously rounded angles and terminals, Arlon also spreads warmth and friendliness. To sum up, Arlon communicates an affinity for technology – in a friendly way.

Chalom Font Family

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Chalom is a sans serif font design published by Wisit Po. The whole ChaLom typefamily contains a total of  6 font files: Regular, Obliqeu, Bold, Bold Obliqeu, Rough and Rustic.