New Ayres Typeface

Category: Fonts, Date: 11-02-2017, 01:25, Views: 110


Based on my very first font creation, New Ayres keeps the same feel, but raised to high-quality level. Its long clean lines and soft curves merge old style and modern, giving a new meaning to timeless elegance.

Egalite - Slab Serif Typeface

Category: Fonts, Date: 11-02-2017, 01:22, Views: 107


Egalite is a Slab-Serif face with a combination between sharp and Rounded shape, The sharp serif, and rounded terminals give a fun yet serious feel. It also have a low contrast shape to give more strong feel and personality. Come with a bit low x-Height and a big counter to improve legibility in a Small display and print. also have an ink traps to improve the Printing result on paper.

Miss Magnolia Script

Category: Fonts, Date: 11-02-2017, 01:20, Views: 111


Perfect for greeting cards, branding, stationery design, social media, packaging, magazine layouts, prints and more! Utilize all caps for a completely alternate style, or mix and match lowercase script + all caps for creative designs.

Alloca Mono Family

Category: Fonts, Date: 11-02-2017, 01:17, Views: 104


To break from the rigidity of a typical monospaced font, Alloca includes weights that go above and beyond. From the wire-thin to the ultra-bold, youíll be able to do a lot with one monospaced family. With OpenType features like slashed zeros, old style numerals, and case-sensitive forms, Alloca is versatile. Itís great for displaying code, showcasing data, or even flowing your body copy. It has broad language support, too, with localized forms for Vietnamese, Polish, Catalan, and Dutch, to name a few.

Goudar HL Family

Category: Fonts, Date: 11-02-2017, 01:15, Views: 122


From the old days technique to the present technology of type design, Goudar is the font that meets in the middle. With the design that has acquired the essence of wooden type letterpress but added with our own modern twist.

Authenia - Hand Lettered Script

Category: Fonts, Date: 11-02-2017, 01:13, Views: 35


Authenia is a casually and quickly written brush script. Letters are made with brush pen on a paper. Then scanned and carefully drawn into vector format. There is just a right amount of texture left so it looks good in small and big sizes. These elements gives Authenia itís organic, authentic and laid-back characteristics.

Economica Next Family

Category: Fonts, Date: 11-02-2017, 01:07, Views: 31


Economica Next is a redesign and expansion of the classic Economica typeface celebrating its tenth anniversary. This new version has a wider range of weights and was adapted to work in new digital environments. It was carefully designed to save space without loosing its legibility, it is used in several publications around the world and many important websites. It includes sixteen weights and a comprehensive set of characters that allows you to write in several languages. Economica Next is a typeface especially developed for web and app design in complex situations. It has been tested successfully for use in small sizes improving legibility. It is an ideal font for menus, tables, charts, etc.

The Hipton Family

Category: Fonts, Date: 11-02-2017, 01:05, Views: 37


A new layered font family called The Hipton. Inspired from single strokes of gothic letters from signed paintings and made it layered. This is a collection of styles with a layered type system and many possible combinations and options. As a display typeface, The Hipton is suitable for headlines, logotypes, signs, posters, greeting cards, letterhead, t-shirts, and many more applications.

Les Tulipes Pro Family

Category: Fonts, Date: 11-02-2017, 01:03, Views: 20


We present Les Tulipes Pro. A smart, classy, modern calligraphy layered type system that offers an array of versatility. Les Tulipes Pro is hand drawn with dip pen and ink, with great attention for details.

Sensaway Pro Family

Category: Fonts, Date: 11-02-2017, 00:59, Views: 43


Sensaway, from the talented young designer Aron Jancso, is a beautiful geometric font as primed for the spotlight in a glossy magazine as it on textiles and storefronts. The bold stencil font plays with negative space and strong graphical elements, creating an attention-grabbing aesthetic that smacks of confidence.