Sunday Clarendon Font Family

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Bold, mechanical and imposing, Sunday Clarendon is an elegant slab serif font designed to make an impact. Sunday Clarendon has been crafted with editorial platforms in mind; offering a distinct voice for headlines, standfirsts, pull-quotes and body copy. Available in a wide range of weights, from a delicate 'Thin' to a robust 'Black'.

Mentari - Brush Script Typeface

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Mentari a brush script typeface, bold and elegant, with several alternate characters in each letter to give you ease in accomplishing the work of typographic such as logotype, poster, headline, T-shirt and other creative projects.

Mala Font Family

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Maps, of any kind, are complex and multilayered sources of information. They are not read continuously like books, but use type in a very different way. Mala by Barbara Bigosińska is designed for exactly that. With its extensive range of 32 styles in three different widths, the series enables clear labeling, distinction and structuring of information. At that, Mala doesn’t follow any particular existing style. It could be described as a quaint typeface of modern proportions and form model with a hint of "typewriter-feel”.

Nic Font Family

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»NIC« like in scenic is a completely new very elegant grotesk font family that has nice contrast in the up and downstrokes. »NIC« has its own, very special character. The font looks like it has been around forever but it is brand new, has new forms and new proportions that make it very, very readable. »NIC« has a character set of 558 glyphs with the most important ligatures, four different sets of numerals, normal and medieval numbers aligned for tables as well as two sets of fitted numbers, superior-inferior-denominator and nominators, the font family comes in 7 weights with corresponding italic cuts with a normal and a rounded version each, all together 28 fonts. »NIC« is a real qworkhorse designed for everyday use. Enjoy!

Boomville Typeface

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Boomville is bouncy and upright script font. It is fun and lively with a lot of personality. This script is sketched with quite quick brush strokes with a pointed brush to achieve this casual and playful feeling.

Grifito Font Family

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Grifito is the condensed companion for Grifo and Grifinito. The family has two optical sizes: M, for titles and L for big headlines. Each of these have four weights from Light to Bold, with matching italics.

Sherbrooke Font Family

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"Sherbrooke” is a simple and sans serif font. I have chosen the name of this typeface after the "Sherbrooke” Street in Montreal, Canada, that I daily walked in for several months in the late 2005 while I was studying in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. I do adore this street and also I adore the whole city of Montreal.

Pastiche Brush Font

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This handmade looking brush font is inspired by the titles of the 1959 movie, Imitation of Life, by prolific film titles artist, Wayne Fitzgerald.

Untitled Sans Font Family

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Untitled Sans is a plain, neo-grotesk sans heavily validated by the ideas of Jasper Morrison & Naoto Fukasawa’s Super Normal project.

Untitled Serif Font Family

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Untitled Serif is drawn from the old-style genre of types: the post-Caslon, pre-Times workhorses offered by almost every metal type foundry.