Cephalonia Font

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Cephalonia is a geometric sans-serif with a unique set of alternates that draw their inspiration from classical greek engravings. The crossbars in the alt characters O, E, F and D are the most notable examples of this greek influence.

Tchig Mono Font Family

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This is Tchig Mono, a monospaced type family that doesn't take itself too seriously. Why make a monospaced font? For coding, sure, but display? It’s my humble opinion that it’s the aesthetic choices driven by the constraints of the monospaced environment that makes them attractive. It’s a challenge for the type designer to squash and expand glyphs into a rigid bounding box, and the more unorthodox shapes that spring from this have a feel about them which lends them to postmodernist layouts and hipsterish anti-design. And the payoff for the type designer - no kerning! Yay.

20 Kopeek Font Family

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20 kopeek is sans serif font with a slight touch of a steampunk.

Draetha Font Family

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Draetha is the 6-font companion to Biblia and Biblia Serif. It is a monoline sans with a clear style. It also has an outrageous Ultra version which pushes monoline to the extreme of boldness. It has the same font metrics as Biblia and Biblia Serif. The only compromise is that Ultra is too extreme to be able to provide small caps or oldstyle figures.

Obla Font Family

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Obla font family is a modern serif typeface accompanied by appropriate italic in seven weights. Sketches of letters were drawn manually, using thick marker for creating shape and pencil for finishing details. Calligraphic origin of shapes is revealed beneath strained curves drawn on computer. All of the weights were carefully adjusted to each other.

FF Reminga Titling Font Family

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French type designer Xavier Dupré created this serif FontFont in 2001. The family contains 2 weights: Regular and Italic and is ideally suited for advertising and packaging and book text.

Friz Quadrata Font Family

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Designed originally by Ernst Friz in 1965 and then expanded on by two more designers over the next 20 years, the Friz Quadrata™ font family is a serif typeface with an assertive tone and timeless look. It is a glyphic design with roots in stone carving and chiseling, and does not evoke the usual notes of pen or brush forms seen in many typefaces.

Niemeyer Font Family

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Oscar Niemeyer is one of the greatest architects of our time—his unique way of mixing straight lines and abstract curves gives rise to an unmistakable and characteristic style.

Emerald Script Font

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Emerald is the font pack. The Normal font combines with the alternate character font to make each word unique. Then add the Splatters font as your tagline and — the ideal logo!

Axiforma Font Family

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Axiforma was designed with the single idea of creating a font that starts with the letter A, because let’s face it, this is the best letter. For those of you who didn't see it coming, Axiforma is a /drum roll/ geometric sans in 20 weights. If you are thinking "Oh boy, another geometric sans”, you clearly know your stuff.