MVB Solano Gothic Font Family

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MVB Solano Gothic Bold was originally designed as a display face for the City of Albany, California (located on the San Francisco Bay facing the Golden Gate Bridge and bordering Berkeley). Named for the City’s main street, the typeface needed to work on signage in proximity to early 20th Century buildings, and in contemporary settings. Rather than creating a neutered design to cover all bases, Mark van Bronkhorst chose to develop a simple, strong, condensed face that would offer flexibility of style by providing both retro and more contemporary forms.

Saturday Rock Font

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This font has so much character, charm and texture. A true hand drawn marker script, with 2 sets of uppercase and lowercase, plus double ligatures and swashes.

Yorkten Slab Font Family

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The Yorkten family of fonts is back with another satisfying addition to its clean style. The rhythmic, new Yorkten Slab expands Yorkten’s basic, contemporary form of geometric and simple lines and adds a level of self-confidence and elegance to your work.

Preta Font Family

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Preta, portuguese for a very pure kind of black, has its name very related to its concept: I wanted to make the fattest/darkest script ever.

Arkadewi Typeface

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Arkadewi typeface is bold floral serif font. Inspired by the glamour and elegance of angels. Perfect for feminine logo, artistic design, poster design, headline.

SST Vietnamese Font Family

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Designed for global branding and supporting 93 languages, the SST® typefaces blend the organic readability and controlled structure of modern sans serif designs. In combining these attributes, the SST family is understated, versatile – and sure to be a timeless design.

FS Siena Font Family

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FS Siena is a typeface with history, and not just in the sense of having its origins in classical Roman lettering. Fontsmith founder Jason Smith first committed it to tracing paper while still at college, instinctively redrawing letterforms based on Hermann Zapf’s Optima according to ‘what felt right’. When Krista Radoeva took up the challenge to edit and extend the typeface, she and Jason were determined to preserve its subtly nonconformist and eclectic spirit.

Calmetta Font Family

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Meet Calmetta, a reinterpretation of Pantograph, the wayfinding custom font we had originally designed for Manchester Metrolink. This is a typeface we were keen to revisit for our own library with the addition of an extensive range of matching icons.

Tiempos Headline Font Family

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Tiempos was initiated as an optimisation of Galaxie Copernicus for a Spanish newspaper redesign. Although it began as an offshoot of Galaxie Copernicus, Tiempos evolved far enough that it became its own standalone family. Copernicus is based on Plantin, it’s broad proportions are designed to harmonise with Chester Jenkins’ Galaxie system. Over the last century, Plantin has influenced many typefaces, the most notable example is Stanley Morison’s Times New Roman. 

Dinosaur Font Family

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Dinosaur is a very grotesk and extremely condensed display font. Only useful for very big and short texts. The font comes with three regular weights and three italic weights. With 448 glyphs, Dinosaur font supports over 200 Latin-based languages.