Party Edition - Custom Scene

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Itís time to celebrate! Party Edition includes bunch of items to get on with that party. You will be able to create Event Invitations, stunning Party graphics or any Celebration design. Build your own Party scene or use one of the pre-made scenes and letís party!
Main Features:
➤ 160+ isolated objects (PSD and PNG files)
➤ Each item available in 10 color variation (PNG files)
➤ 6 Pre-made Scenes Scenes (PSD files)
➤ Photograph based
➤ Standard Resolution at 72 dpi
➤ 3 Scenes (Landscape, Square and Portrait) and 5 Backgrounds at 2400x1600px, 1600x2400px and 1600x1600px
➤ Add your content with smart objects
➤ Customize color object
➤ Organised layers and folders
➤ Separate all objects and shadows
➤ Dynamic Shadow
➤ Changeable background
➤ Instruction PDF file

Wine Packaging Mockups

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A clean, photorealistic collection of wine packaging mock-ups that will help you showcase your wine branding projects. The PSD scenes are fully editable: you may change the background, the color tint of the bottle, rearrange the objects and add your own label designs via the smart objects. 
Here's why you'll love this mock-up pack:
➤ 15 PSD scenes / Photoshop CS4+
➤ Separated objects, shadows and reflections
➤ Highly detailed / Photorealistic results
➤ Most scenes are 3500x2600 px, some are higher
➤ 3 Different wine bottles in each scene to choose from: red, white and rosé
➤ Easy editing via smart objects
➤ Editable label template
➤ Changeable background color

UFO, 25 High-Quality Stock Photos

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UFO, 25 High-Quality Stock Photos, JPEG Format, 300 DPI, 274 Mb

Hogar Font Family

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This font is the result of merging my architecture background and my love for typography, which inspired me to create a system of fonts based on interior architecture design, furniture design and, especially, the love I feel for my home.
The system comes with a monolinear style in sans and script versions, each including 5 weights, that share similar proportions, weight interpolation and details. Hogar is basically a sans with script gestures and a script with sans shapes.
In order to make the system more complete, I included an italic version, also in 5 weights, which represents a transition between both main styles. Additionally, I developed a set of monolinear dingbats including some furniture designs by well-known architects..
The family supports more than 200 Latin derived languages.

Paul Grotesk Soft Font Family

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The new Font ĄPaul Grotesk Soft" is a modern, clean, minimalist grotesque typeface with delicious detail and soft corner. Created and published in collaboration by Fargus Meiser and Lukas Bischoff. It comes in 8 stylish weights and 3 are free to try. Designed with powerful opentype features in mind. Each weight includes extended language support, fractions, arrows, special numbers and more. It fits perfect for graphic design, editorial, corporate and any display use. Also check the webfont to create a nice responsive interface design!

TT Lovelies Script Font Family

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Without any false modesty we can say that TT Lovelies Script is one of the most complicated projects we have ever carried out Ė there are 1115 glyphs, more than 2000 contextual alternates, 10000 kerned pairs and a large number of OT features, including ligatures and Old Style numbers. The most important characteristic of this font is that it is really seamless. We've done the impossible: in TT Lovelies Script, even capital letters are connected to lower-case letters without any breaks. The base for our typeface is original calligraphy by Russian designer Alena Korobanova. The beautiful handwriting was painstakingly crafted into a fully functional font. TT Lovelies Script is a very lively and playful typeface with some unpredictable nuances.
Turn on the use of OT features CALT & DLIG in your graphic editor and use the font to the full. Every lower-case letter has characteristic pen strokes which begin and end a word. The pen strokes are turned on automatically when you accordingly type two hyphens at the beginning and at the end of a word. For instance, type '- - apricot - -' and you'll see the beautiful pen strokes at the beginning and at the end of the word. TT Lovelies Script uses a great number of contextual alternates and ligatures which help maintain the handwritten impression. For each letter, a separate grapheme is created for the end of a line, and we've also integrated the Case Sensitive OT feature to make working with upper-case characters easier. We've enabled onum, sups, sinf, numr, dnom, frac, ordn as well in order to work with figures. To benefit from all of these wonderful options, you need to use software which supports OT features.