Caponi Slab Font Family

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The late Amid Capeci commissioned Caponi Slab for headline use when he was design director at Entertainment Weekly. A wide range of topics could potentially end up on the cover of the magazine from week to week, from high-minded Oscar movies, to controversial pop stars, to gleefully trashy reality television, so the family needed to cover many tones in one cohesive range of weights. The solution was a spectrum from elegance to exuberance: the lightest weights clearly show their origin in Bodoni’s work, but the family transforms into a boisterous slab serif as it gains weight. Caponi Slab’s short ascenders and descenders allow it to work with tight leading, and its low contrast helps it to hold its own on the page no matter the size.

Cosmopolitan Font Family

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Cosmopolitan is a monoline font family with script and sans versions that both work great together or alone. It comes with five weights and "printed” versions. For extra swashes, swirls and pictograms there is Cosmopolitan Extras.
Cosmopolitan Script is packed with OpenType alternates: turn on Swash, Stylistic or Titling Alternates in any OpenType savvy program or find even more alternates from the Glyph Palette. Cosmopolitan Sans has different Swash Alternates for both upper and lowercase characters.
Cosmopolitan Family gives an elegant look for any project from print to digital. 
For the very best price purchase the whole family!
Cosmopolitan Family is inspired by two other great monoline font families: Selfie and Beloved.

Apex New Font Family

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Apex New supersedes Apex Sans, which was originally released in early 2003. Once the design was released, I started work on Apex Serif, Thirstype’s first OpenType font family; then returned to Apex Sans in early 2004, with a view to extending the glyphset and combining the Small Caps and numeral sets into OpenType fonts. As I worked, I started seeing the type’s flaws, and set about fixing them.
Two years later, Apex New was finished. All weights of the type have been revised, and everything heavier than Book has been completely redrawn. The bold weights which had previously ‘closed up’, especially at smaller sizes, are now more open with subtle contrast; the new version has been described as ‘elegant’. The family has grown to seven weights, with over a thousand glyphs in each font. The font files are cross-platform CFF-flavoured OpenType, with loads of basic and advanced features.