Modern Impressionist PS Brush Studio

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A Photoshop BRUSH REVOLUTION that will forever change the way you paint in Photoshop! 
There's simply NOTHING like it. I've created the perfect color mixing brush studio that let's you paint in ready-made palettes without having to mix a thing! This changes EVERYTHING!
After discovering a NEW way to harness a little used Photoshop tool for my own illustration work, I created this REVOLUTIONARY NEW SYSTEM of Color Mixing Pattern Brushes and PreFAB Color Blends! For Adobe Photoshop CS6+
Now, after months of tweaking and perfecting, you get to simply pick a brush and start painting in beautiful, carefully crafted color blends, with NO MIXING REQUIRED! 
Whether you are a print designer, web designer, illustrator or hobbyist, this BRUSH SYSTEM will revolutionize the way you BRUSH AND PAINT in Photoshop!
The Ultimate Color Mixing PATTERN Brush Studio contains:
115 Color Mixing Pattern Brushes
Carefully tuned Photoshop Brushes saved as a Pattern Stamp Tool Preset, so you are ready to pick up your brush and START PLAYING. These finely crafted brushes are designed to blend the PreFAB Color Blends in beautiful and different ways, each brush is different and versatile!
225 Pre-FAB Color Blends
Iíve spent MONTHS creating and fine-tuning these pre-blended color mixes, so that you can just pick a palette and start playing and painting in gorgeous blended colors. No MIXING required!
Video Tutorial
Thereís really no learning curve to use these brushes. You simply load them up, along with the patterns and start PLAYING. However, there is an exclusive tutorial for those who might not be familiar with loading brushes and patterns.
Reference Charts
Handy labeled and organized JPEG charts with all of the brush strokes and color blends.

Bread, 25 High-Quality Stock Photos

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Bread,  25 High-Quality Stock Photos, JPEG Format, 300 DPI, 374 Mb

Global Typeface

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Global is a multilingual serif typeface. Slender lines and great legibility make it perfect as a display font. Being a very fashion orientated typeface makes it great for editorials or brand design.