Vectallic Magic Brush Revolution!

Category: Illustrator Add-ons, Date: 22-01-2017, 23:58, Views: 1239


Nothing like it has been seen in Illustrator! 
Strikingly beautiful, metallic paint stroke brushes for Adobe Illustrator CC ó and you can even change the color right within the program. If youíre very familiar with Illustrator, you might think Iím joking, but think again! Introducing a completely new way to use Illustrator to paint like a pro ó with creamy, dreamy fantasy paint stroke styles! Iíve been working on this revolutionary new brush system since the beginning of January! Thatís over 3 months of TONS of trial and error, tweaking and perfecting, all so you can just have fun and CREATE! Not only that, I have created a HUGE library of my trademark tutorial videos to help you get the absolute MOST from your NEW favorite brush set!

Watercolor PHOTOSHOP Lab

Category: Photoshop Add-Ons, Date: 22-01-2017, 23:48, Views: 1052


Realistic watercolor styles, fast and natural effect for Photoshop users.
Watercolor painting effects can be applied to text and to graphics, to any layer. Realism is supplemented by the effect of shading on the edge of the paint image and action, making a rough edge.

AD Impastoshop - Thick Paint Machine

Category: Photoshop Add-Ons, Date: 22-01-2017, 23:43, Views: 1511


A real time thick painting machine that enables instant Gesso, Canvas, Wet, Carving and Varnish Surfaces to your Photoshop brush strokes. It includes a set of more than 30 special layer styles, 15 background textures and more than 70 amazing brushes that works with the pressure-sensitive capabilities of your pen tablet. AD Impastoshop also gives you the tools to apply depth to your existing artwork!

Hand Drawn Christmas: Vintage + Glam

Category: Photoshop Add-Ons, Date: 22-01-2017, 23:36, Views: 898


Perfect for all your holiday designs & printables!
Make something Christmassy with this fabulous design elements kit that's inspired by vintage Christmas designs, but with a touch of modern GLAM! Open up this nice, organized PSD full of these beautiful elements and drag and drop them onto your designs - perfect for last minute holiday gifts & designs!
This design kit contains all of the design elements you see on the displays: ornaments, wreaths, laurels, branches, greenery, holly, gold bead/chain elements, gold foil stripes + more! Click and scroll down on the last image to see ALL of the elements!

InkWash Vector Ink Watercolors

Category: Illustrator Add-ons, Date: 22-01-2017, 23:23, Views: 1299


These brushes are stupid easy to use. All you need to do is open the file, save the brushes, and start swiping some InkWash goodness on your work!
Mix water, add a dab of India ink and soak the brush. Then spread deep, textured shades across your sketches and pen work in one quick swoop.
The only problem is until now watercolor sets have been too complicated and just plain crazy.
Personally, I love to make things stupid simple whenever possible.
That's why we created InkWash. It's a set of 30 watercolor brushes made by hand in the RetroSupply studios with India ink and water.
You don't need to upload any swatches, or read a 2000 word manual to use these brushes.

Kenzo Script + Swash

Category: Fonts, Date: 22-01-2017, 23:01, Views: 1066


Hi all, i want to introduce my new font Kenzo Script. Many thanks for the appreciation of our previous font, Trademark. This font is a continuation with a different style, more ligatures, discretionary ligatures, contextual alternates and bonus swash.
Kenzo script was created more free flowing as it is but still soft, style and more rocky you know! make your project design more humane not like machines.
Kenzo script consists of 493 glyphs with 267 alternative. a full-featured open type and multilingual support. This font was created to help you designing brand of yours own or your client, and you also can use it for designing all of the graphic stuff such as badge, sign, packaging, headline, T-shirt/apparel, Poster, etc.

Crozzoe Typeface

Category: Fonts, Date: 22-01-2017, 22:57, Views: 1093


Crozzoe is a blackletter typeface. The Crozzoe typeface includes a full set of uppercase and lowercase letters as well as multi-lingual and currency support, numerals, punctuations, alternates, ligatures and some extra glyphs.

Might Could Marker Typeface

Category: Fonts, Date: 22-01-2017, 22:56, Views: 969


Might Could Studios presents.... Might Could Marker! The third and final member of the Might Could hand drawing tools font set!
I hand draw a lot of typography for my comics, books, and promotional material, so I made my handwriting into a font Might Could Pencil, and then I made two more fonts to pair with that original font, Might Could Pen and now Might Could Marker!
Might Could Marker is hand drawn in my own handwriting, and is a vectorized font. It's perfect for comics, graphic novels, books, invitations, business cards, or any other designer-y project you've got going on!

Rosco Salvia Typeface

Category: Fonts, Date: 22-01-2017, 22:51, Views: 838


Rosco Salvia is a swinging, fine lined typeface with international accents. It has a kind of retro style but also geometrical.

Mr Trumb Layered Typeface

Category: Fonts, Date: 22-01-2017, 22:49, Views: 1022


Mr Trumb layered typeface inspired by cool man from usa :) Always fit for your poster quote things, branding, logo, magazine headlines, etc.
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