Good Wood Font Family

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Originally designed as a body text with a s+le combination of cupped, bracketed transitional serifs and the contemporary squareness. The shape is based, like many other fonts, on the super ellipse formula also known as the Lamé Curve. This shape creates an extraordinary whitespace and shape of the body text, ie., in columns.

BC Falster Grotesk Font Family

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At first sight, Falster Grotesk by Jan Novák is a very simple sans-serif font. However, a closer look reveals the designer’s innovative approach. It breaks from the traditional line of thought that Swiss type construction is long outdated and doesn’t offer any possibilities for inventiveness. While the majority of world type foundries concentrate on increasing numbers of styles and weights, Falster Grotesk ignores such efforts and heads in a completely new direction, enlivening lowercase shapes, breaking conventional preconceptions about humanist sans and redefining the accentuation of certain letters. While the family continues to maintain the excellent legibility of its predecessors in the typesetting of small text, in poster sizes its subtle but expressive adaptations of shape are fully allowed to develop. Novák showcases several simplifying tendencies within the font, similar to the ones we know from the avant-garde approach of Paul Renner. But at the same time keeps in mind the fact that in a text typeface, all experiments end where legibil­ity would be jeopardised.

Teimer Std Font Family

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Typographer and graphic designer Pavel Teimer (1935-1970) designed a modern serif roman with italics in 1967. For the drawing of Teimer he found inspiration in the types of Walbaum and Didot, rather than Bodoni. He re-evaluated these archetypes in an individual way, adjusting both height and width proportions and modifying details in the strokes, thus effectively breaking away from the historical models he used as a starting point. Teimer’s antiqua has less contrast; the overall construction of the characters is softer and more lively. The proportions of the italics are rather wide, making them stand out by their calm and measured rhythm. This was defined by the purpose of the typeface, as it was to be utilised for two-character matrices. The long serifs are a typical feature noticeable throughout the complete family of fonts. In 1967, a full set of basic glyphs, numerals and diacritics of Teimer’s antiqua was submitted to the Czechoslovak Grafotechna type foundry. However, the face was never cast.

Tesla Slab Cyrillic Font Family

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Tesla Slab, a constructed slab serif typeface with smooth curves, true italics, which gives text an unexpectedly sophisticated industrial look in all of its six weights.
Besides extended Latin, Tesla Slab supports also the Cyrillic script with Russian letterforms coming as default, and localised forms for Bulgarian and Serbian coming as OpenType substritution features.

Nitti Font Family

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Nitti is a monospaced typeface family in five weights that has its roots in the first sans-serif designs of the 19th century — the Grotesques. Originally a British invention, Grotesques gained massive popularity in mainland Europe and also became widespread in early 20th century USA where they were commonly referred to as ‘Gothic’. The quirky and often idiosyncratic shapes of these early English sans-serifs lend them the humanity and warmth still appreciated among many graphic designers today.
Nitti is named after Francesco Raffaele Nitto, better known as Frank ‘The Enforcer’ Nitti, one of the henchmen of Al Capone. The family is part of a bigger collection of Grotesque-inspired typefaces that also includes a poster version called Stanley and a proportional version called Nitti Grotesk.
Nitti has an very extensive character-set with Latin, Greek, Cyrillic glyphs that cover all European languages and Asian languages that use the Cyrillic script, plus Hebrew.

Romain Font Family

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Romain is a serif typeface released through Swiss Typefaces. It’s available in both a headline version and a text version.

Suisse Works Font Family

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Suisse Works is a serif typeface designed by Ian Party of Swiss Typefaces as part of the Suisse superfamily. It was created as a text face in the style of Times New Roman and pairs perfectly with its neo-grotesque counterpart, Suisse International.

SangBleu Sans Font Family

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SangBleu Sans is a sans-serif typeface designed by Swiss Typefaces. The design is classified as a sans-serif but features many serif-like qualities such as the teardrop terminals on the a, c and s, along with a strong contrast between thick and thin strokes. SangBleu Sans is available in five weights with matching italics as well as a companion serif version.