Authenia - Hand Lettered Script

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Authenia is a casually and quickly written brush script. Letters are made with brush pen on a paper. Then scanned and carefully drawn into vector format. There is just a right amount of texture left so it looks good in small and big sizes. These elements gives Authenia it’s organic, authentic and laid-back characteristics.

Economica Next Family

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Economica Next is a redesign and expansion of the classic Economica typeface celebrating its tenth anniversary. This new version has a wider range of weights and was adapted to work in new digital environments. It was carefully designed to save space without loosing its legibility, it is used in several publications around the world and many important websites. It includes sixteen weights and a comprehensive set of characters that allows you to write in several languages. Economica Next is a typeface especially developed for web and app design in complex situations. It has been tested successfully for use in small sizes improving legibility. It is an ideal font for menus, tables, charts, etc.

The Hipton Family

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A new layered font family called The Hipton. Inspired from single strokes of gothic letters from signed paintings and made it layered. This is a collection of styles with a layered type system and many possible combinations and options. As a display typeface, The Hipton is suitable for headlines, logotypes, signs, posters, greeting cards, letterhead, t-shirts, and many more applications.

Les Tulipes Pro Family

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We present Les Tulipes Pro. A smart, classy, modern calligraphy layered type system that offers an array of versatility. Les Tulipes Pro is hand drawn with dip pen and ink, with great attention for details.

Sensaway Pro Family

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Sensaway, from the talented young designer Aron Jancso, is a beautiful geometric font as primed for the spotlight in a glossy magazine as it on textiles and storefronts. The bold stencil font plays with negative space and strong graphical elements, creating an attention-grabbing aesthetic that smacks of confidence. 

Kunda Book Family

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Meet a post-rennaissance serif type with very hedonist attitude – controversial details are discretely included. With low medium height, robust serifs and high contrast, Kunda is a distinctive choice for your glossy editorial challenge.

Granjon Family

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Granjon was designed in 1928 for Linotype by George Jones.
It is named after the sixteenth-century French printer, publisher, and lettercutter Robert Granjon, who is noted in particular for his beautiful italic types. A common pairing is the romans of Claude Garamond (a contemporary of Granjon’s, whose roman types were of exceptional quality) and the italics of Robert Granjon.

MFC Keating Monogram

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The inspiration source for MFC Keating Monogram is an alphabet set from the book, Monograms and Alphabets for Combination by Dollfus Mieg & Cie, first published in the 1890s. What began as 26 referenced outline/shadowed letters became an over 730 character font in order to create its unique interwoven monogram effect! Expanding on the theme even more, MFC Keating Monogram also includes a series of Chromatic Layering fonts to create even more customization options.

Walbaum 2010 Pro Family

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Upon numerous demands of highly esteemed users of our fonts I decided to supplement the Walbaum type family by display and poster cuts. Because I obviously cannot compete with world’s renowned type foundries which already offer a number of renderings of forenamed typeface, I thought proper to decline a bit from the original Walbaum’s design, strictly speaking, from the apprehension we commonly keep about this typeface. Therefore I didn’t set forth the way of modernizing (shame!), but rather the opposite direction: towards an analysis of the original neo-classical intention. I took the 10-point character, magnified it enormously and cut off progressively all the optically thickened bobbles which raised by small-size correction. I ended up at the size of about 120 points, where it became obvious that any further thinning would lead to an undesired manneristic fragility. Resulting 8-member family Walbaum 120 is naturally usable in variety of sizes, as well as cuts marked "10” you can use, say, from 6 to 30 points. I only hope that mister Justus Erich won’t pull me by the ear when we’ll meet on the other side...

Ofelia Std Family

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Ideal for corporate typography, packaging and editorial, Ofelia Std is a super versatile family of ten fonts, able to perform well in almost any situation. Excellent in text bodies and elegant in display sizes, it is a silent workhorse with just the right amount of personality. Its geometric characteristics carry the necessary neutrality while letters like a b f provide it with a subtle and gestural touch.