Smoke Toolkit

Category: Photoshop Add-Ons, Date: 5-03-2017, 23:24, Views: 1255


If you’re looking for a ton of smoke effects, shapes, brushes, patterns or backgrounds for your new project then this bundle is just the thing you’re looking for. Contains 120 smoke transparent PNG images, 120 brushes in Photoshop ABR file, 24 patterns in JPG & Photoshop PAT file and 5 layered PSD templates. With these Photoshop templates you can create your own smoke effects for your photos, presentations, ads or flyers in seconds! And with 120 shapes and brushes you have unlimited options :)

With this deal you get:
➤ 120 smoke shapes in transparent PNG format (size of shapes are around 2500 pixels)
➤ 120 smoke brushes in ABR format (size of brushes are around 2500 pixels)
➤ 24 smoke patterns in PAT & JPG format (size of patterns are 1000x1000 pixels)
➤ 24 smoke backgrounds in JPG format (5184x1000 pixels)
➤ 5 smoke effects templates in layered PSD format (4500x3456 pixels)

Rhinos Rocks + Swashes

Category: Fonts, Date: 5-03-2017, 22:07, Views: 1075


RHINOS ROCKS is brush font including all US glyphs and it comes in regular and slant version. Ideal for loud messages. Made with round marker adding realistic moves in it. Very interesting to use for logos, name tags, handwritten quotes, product packaging, merchandise, social media & greeting cards .Also, ideal to make t-shirts design and other clothing products.

Wildest Script

Category: Fonts, Date: 5-03-2017, 22:05, Views: 1221


Wildest Script inspired by sign painting and script lettering. This font contains 291 glyphs in total and 108 alternative characters to improve your design. Wildest Script perfect for logo, badge, insignia, packaging, headline, poster, t-shirt/apparel, greeting card, and wedding invitation.

Brocha Font Family

Category: Fonts, Date: 5-03-2017, 22:02, Views: 944


I made the first sketches for Brocha when I first visited Easter Island in 2011. I took inspiration from pre-Columbian art for suchsketches, but I must say that they were kind of rough and clumsy; it was an experimental, but limited-use typeface. It took a long time, but thanks to my learning about type design gained over the years, I have finally been able to resume my project. I have made sure to preserve the Latin American spirit of my original designs in order to give my final typeface an expressive handmade highly humanist look.

Boutiera Font Family

Category: Fonts, Date: 5-03-2017, 22:01, Views: 1103


Boutiera is an upright and soft vintage script with a modern twist. Its main characteristics are bouncy baseline, round forms and bumpy stems. These qualities gives Boutiera its casual, friendly and handmade looks. It has three weights to give contrast and options to your typographic elements and designs. Boutiera has two sets of Upper cases; Slightly swashy and more basic one. The more basic set can be used in all caps.

The Brown Typeface

Category: Fonts, Date: 5-03-2017, 21:59, Views: 1174


THE BROWN a display typeface clean retro modern style, we made to give you ease in accomplishing the work of typographic such as logotype, poster, headline, T-shirt and other creative projects.

Bellissimo Typeface + Minimal Logos

Category: Fonts, Date: 5-03-2017, 21:57, Views: 898


Say Ciao to Bellissimo! A trendy, hand-brushed font, designed with branding in mind. Bellissimo looks gorgeous on logos, websites, invitations, greeting cards, magazines, business cards, packaging and more!

Brown Pro Font Family

Category: Fonts, Date: 5-03-2017, 21:55, Views: 1013


At text size, Brown is a classic grotesque, distinguished by its semi-condensed proportions—especially in the capitals, which harmonize well with the lining figures—and an exceptional clarity in certain high-resolution media, such as offset printing, achieved by micro-detailing.

Corton Font Family

Category: Fonts, Date: 5-03-2017, 21:54, Views: 911


Corton was inspired by the traditional lettering on a gravestone in an English village. While that might sound a rather solemn beginning, Corton has wonderfully lively air, with distinctive lively serifs and beautifully swashed downstrokes.

Swiss 911 Font Family

Category: Fonts, Date: 5-03-2017, 21:50, Views: 1044


Swiss 911 is a font from Bitstream library. Designed by Matthew Carter at Mergenthaler in 1965, one of a series of heavy, closely fitted, large x-height Swiss Sanserifs that follow a pattern started by Edouard Hofmann at Haas in 1945 with Commerciale Compacte; the original name reveals the purpose.
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