Gold Rush For Illustrator

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This kit is for Illustrator gives you all the metallic, glitter and foil effects in Illustrator that you will ever need. Apply them as swatches in one click, in gold, silver, rose gold, or any color you choose!

➤ 218 Swatches for Adobe Illustrator in raster format including Gold, Rose Gold, Copper, Black and Silver. Styles include hot foil effects, crumpled foil, gold leaf, bokeh, metallic paint, metallic textures such as cobblestone and wood, lots of types of glitter, confetti, geometric patterns and outrageously stunning combinations of all of the above.
➤ The swatches are provided as .AI swatch libraries divided by color. Alternate, smaller swatch files are also available as a separate download for slower computers, to keep you running smoothly no matter your situation :)
➤ All textures are also provided as 1800x1800px seamless image files, for those who do not have Illustrator.
➤ 35 Brushed elements as both .PNG and .AI files (vector), including flourishes, brush strokes, paint forms, splatters and flowers.
➤ Detailed PDF User Guide to get you started making gorgeous designs.
➤ This package is ideal for all your "blingtastic" projects such as wedding stationary, art prints, printables, mugs, decorations, blog candy, advertising and about a million other things! However, please do not use them in "supplies" that compete with my products.

DoubleUSM 2 for Photoshop

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Double USM for Photoshop:

➤ Independent control for Dark and Light halos in a newly engineered Sharpening plugin.
➤ Set double values for Amount (intensity), Radius (thickness), and Threshold (noise reduction).
➤ Precisely target Traditional Sharpening, HiRaLoAm (High Radius, Low Amount to boost local contrast) and Creative Sharpening.
➤ Tonal Range Protection for Highlights, Midtones, and Shadows.
➤ Advanced Preview modes.
➤ Presets management.
Double USM 2 is a Photoshop Panel, that drives a C++ plugin, processing the image with 32bits precision. It supports 8bit, 16bit and 32bit (HDR) images.
It requires Adobe Photoshop from version CC up to CC 2017, both Mac and PC (not CS6, sorry).