Madelyn Font Family

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Madelyn is a handwritten script font based on the expression of real handwriting. Amiable and organic, it is perfect if you want to convey individuality and style. It’s written with a calligraphy pen with casual dry strokes and a signature style.

Ringside Font Family

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Designed for diversity instead of homogeneity, Ringside brings to the modern superfamily some of the charming individuality of the potluck sans serif.

Proxima Soft Font Family

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Proxima Soft is a rounded version of Proxima Nova. With the same forty-eight styles (eight weights in three widths, plus italics), Proxima Soft fits the bill when you want something a bit warmer and more playful than its older sibling. It features the same extensive language support, including Greek and Cyrillic. It also has several alternate characters, such as a one-storey lowercase a, allowing you to customize its appearance in a variety of ways.

Radon Monogram Logo Font

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Radon is stylish creative font family useful for creating titles, monograms and logos.
➤ TTF: Radon Regular, Radon Bold, Radon Deco
➤ OTF: Radon Regular, Radon Bold, Radon Deco
➤ Web Font (eot, svg, woff, woff2)

Farao Font Family

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Originally designed in 1998 as 3-font family, updated in 2016 by new italics, SmallCaps and many OpenType functions, resulting in a set of highly visible poster typefaces.

Grand Hotel Pro Font

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Our Grand Hotel Pro finds its inspiration from the title screen of the 1937 film "Cafe Metropole” starring Tyrone Power. This condensed upright connecting script has a classic flair and weight to it that feels subtly tied to Holiday and Bakery themed designs, even though it can work outside that genre.

MFC Diamondside Monogram Font Family

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Diamondside Monogram finds its historical influence in our diamond-shaped Moissanite Monogram, however more squared up in form. This modern interpretation adds layerable chromatic faceting to the style for an updated look.

Monsieur La Doulaise Pro Font

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The Charles Bluemlein Script Collection is an intriguing reminder of the heady days of hand lettering and calligraphy in the United States. From the early 1930s through World War II, there were about 200 professional hand letterers working in New York City alone. This occupation saw its demise with the advent of photo lettering, and after digital typography, became virtually extinct. The odd way in which the Bluemlein scripts were assembled and created - by collecting different signatures and then building complete alphabets from them - is a fascinating calligraphic adventure. Because the set of constructed designs looked nothing like the original signatures, fictitious names were assigned to the new script typefaces. The typeface styles were then showcased in Higgins Ink catalogs.

Cojonna Font

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The »Cojonna« typeface combines the elegance and static quiescence of a Didone with playful swirls and pronounced, decorative ball terminals. Initial point for the typeface was an Antiqua with slab-like serifs, a strong contrast between thick and thin lines and wide ascender and descender.

Introduction Brush Font with Extras

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Presenting Introduction -- a brand new hand-drawn serif font with:
➤ uppercase and lowercase characters
➤ a full set of numbers and punctuation
➤ 26 design elements